Rep. Adam Wool's 
Keep the Pressure On...It's Working


Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Fairbanksans, 

I thank everyone once again for weighing in and continuing to keep the pressure on the Legislature to restore the funding to the operating budget that was vetoed by the Governor. The fight is not over, and we will continue to work to fix the mess we are in. 

HB2001 is a new bill in House Finance that proposes a surplus dividend as a starting point and includes funding for the line items the Governor vetoed previously. We will continue to negotiate with all parties, but whatever solution we reach must be reasonable for Alaskans. The University of Alaska will not take severe cuts with this bill, which is essential to me.

The Governor vetoed $130 million from the University which represents 1/3 of his total cuts. This is totally unacceptable and that argument seems to be taking hold with some legislators that didn't attend the special session in Juneau. That gives us all the more reason to keep the pressure on. Thanks to all those who have already been calling, emailing, and testifying. It's working.

 “This cut is unconscionable, and I protest it with everything that I have.” Watch my speech about the University during the Joint Floor Session last Wednesday here


Public Testimony Opportunity: Let your voice be heard

This Wednesday, Fairbanks residents have an opportunity to address the House Finance Committee to share their thoughts on House Bill 2001 and how the dividend affects the budget as a whole, including the ability to restore vetoed funds.

The hearing will be held from 2 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17, at the Fairbanks LIO on 1292 Sadler Way, #308, Fairbanks. If you can’t make it during that time frame, you can email your testimony to

The House Finance committee is also doing public testimony in Anchorage today and Mat-Su Tuesday.

New membership on House Finance committee 

Last week a seat became vacant on the House Finance committee, and I was selected to be the new member. However, this means I will no longer chair the House Labor and Commerce committee or co-chair the House Transportation committee. I will miss greatly these committees and others I was on. Although, in these challenging times I think I can be most utilized on Finance. I look forward to serving Fairbanks in this new role.
Thank you for all of your letters, calls, and emails in support of the override, and for the many notes to thank and encourage me over the past week. Continue to stay engaged, and know that I am still fighting.

Air Show Last Weekend

Below are a few photos from the air show at Eielson AFB on Saturday, July 13. It was a great event and nice to see so many Fairbanksans attend. We had a chance to see the new F-35's up close and to see them fly by. Governor Dunleavy spoke about all the people and jobs coming to Fairbanks as a result of the F-35's. Yet, he didn't speak about the loss of jobs and people that his cuts would cause. Many arriving airmen and their families are counting on good schools and a good University. I hope we don't let them down.

Airmen present colors during the Air Show at Eielson Air Force Base on Saturday, July 13. Governor Dunleavy stands in the background.

Adam with daughters Evelyn and Abby at the Air Show.

Adam and his daughters watch as an F-35 performs aerial stunts at the Air Show.

Contact me with your questions, concerns, and ideas. You can always reach me at and at 907-452-6084. We are back in Fairbanks for the interim, so feel free to stop by the Fairbanks Legislative Information Office or call to make an appointment with my staff. 



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