Rep. Adam Wool's 
Update from Juneau:
Budget Discussions Heating Up

Above: Rep. Wool and Rep. Hopkins listen to an audience question at their recent constituent meeting.

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Fairbanksans, 

Greetings from Juneau.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see many of you at a constituent meeting hosted by Rep. Grier Hopkins and myself, and I’d like to thank everyone who came out for sharing their concerns with us.  I think it’s fair to say that almost everyone in attendance was in favor of maintaining current levels of funding for state services, especially K-12 education and the University.  People voiced a willingness to receive a smaller PFD than both the statutory amount and the amount we received last year.  Many people also expressed a willingness to pay a broad-based tax to help bolster state revenue.

I think it’s very important to hear from as many people as possible, especially during these trying times. I look forward to supporting a budget which adequately funds and reflects our collective priorities, needs, and desires.

With the House majority’s recent formation, we are quickly ramping up committee hearings on bills as well as subcommittee meetings dealing with Governor Dunleavy’s proposed budget. As a member of four committees and the co-chair of two (Labor & Commerce and Transportation), I will have an opportunity to vet much of the legislation which comes through the house before it comes to the floor for an up-or-down vote. In addition, I’m on 7 different budget subcommittees, dealing with subjects ranging from revenue and the court system to the University and labor. After a slow start, this session promises to be one of the busiest in recent memory, with our subcommittees expected to wrap up on March 22nd.


Earlier this week, my colleagues selected me as the chair of the Interior Delegation. I’m proud to hold this position, and I believe that the interior is well-represented in the upcoming budget negotiations, as every interior representative is currently serving in the House majority. As we look forward, I don’t anticipate that the House will support a budget containing cuts to services anywhere near as substantial as those proposed by the Governor.

Above: Posing with two of my favorite constituents (my daughters Abby [left] and Evelyn).

Guests in the Capitol

I always appreciate seeing constituents in the Capitol, and I look forward to more visitors in the near future. Recently, I and my staff have been able to meet with constituents representing the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, the Alaska Therapeutic Court, The Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living, Fairbanks Native Association Head Start, Yukon Title, Fairbanks Laborers, Everytown for Gun Safety, Alaska Municipal League, Greater Fairbanks Area Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Children’s Trust,  Denali Borough Mayor Clay Walker, Mayor Matherly’s assistant, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, University President Johnsen, and others. I thank everyone for calling, emailing, and coming to visit.


Contact me with your questions, concerns, and ideas. You can always reach me at, and while we are in Juneau for the session call us at 907-465-4976. If you are in Juneau, come visit us on the 4th Floor of the State Capitol in Room 412. 



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