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October 5, 2018

PFD Day – or Tax Day?

Dear Neighbors,

Yesterday, thousands of Alaskans received $1,600 in their bank accounts for their Permanent Fund Dividend, and thousands more will soon get a check in the mail.


This year, I introduced an amendment to the budget to restore the full PFD to all eligible Alaskans, and the amendment passed 21 to 19. The full PFD for this year would have been $2,982. The amendment only stood for a couple of days and it was eventually rescinded over my strong objection.


The Senate refused to consider a budget funding a full dividend. The PFD was then compromised down to $1,600. Even though it’s larger than what the Senate really wanted and $500 more than last year, it is still a cut of $1,382 to every Alaskan, regardless of age or income.


Even though it’s not being called a tax, make no mistake – this is the most regressive tax possible. It is worse than an income tax: a PFD cut effectively taxes children and seniors on fixed incomes the same as millionaires, and only burdens Alaskans. Non-resident workers and visitors who utilize our public services pay nothing. PFDs provide the greatest collective economic boost to Alaska communities of any state program. Read more about my position on this in an E-news I sent last March.


I do not trust government to do a better job of spending the people’s money. This is the third year in a row that government got their hands on your PFD, disregarding the formula in state law: we have already been taxed. This is why it is important to constitutionalize the PFD. We need to keep politicians’ hands off our share of resource royalties without a vote of the people. I have either supported or introduced legislation to protect the PFD in the constitution since 2013 and I stand by it.


Whatever you do with your PFD, it should be your choice.



Thanks to the Dept of Law, Dept of Public Safety and the Anchorage Parks Foundation for joining me and my neighbors at my Community Town Hall this week.


During election years, legislators are ethically barred from sending newsletters within 30 days of an election. This is my last e-news until November. I am still here for you and you can call my office any time for questions, comments, or concerns regarding state business.

Warm regards,

[signed] Chris Tuck
      Chris Tuck
      Alaska State Representative
      District 23 - Anchorage

Tuck’s Tips:

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