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Rep. Chris Tuck
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July 1, 2019

Let’s Work Together Instead of Dropping Political Bombs

Dear Neighbors,

Governor Dunleavy is getting good at dropping bombs into Alaska’s politics. His proposed budget cutting $1.6 billion in essential state services was certainly a political bomb. The latest bomb got dropped on Friday when the Governor slashed up the hard-fought budget compromise with his red veto pen. The damage from this political bomb will be felt in every city and village in Alaska. Instead of working with the Alaska Legislature on a responsible budget that helps build a better Alaska, the Governor decided instead to embrace the political discord of the day and lay waste to institutions like the University of Alaska and the Senior Benefits Program through his veto power.

"All power is originally vested in,

and consequently derived from, the people.”

– James Madison

I have been thinking about that quote a lot this past few days as I talk to frustrated, angry, and sometimes discouraged Alaskans about the budget, the PFD, crime, and the future of our great state. I hear daily from Alaskans who don’t understand why the Governor and legislators refuse to put aside their political differences in favor of that seemingly old-fashioned concept of compromise. There is only one way out of our current political mess. Everyone, including the governor, needs to win a little bit and lose a little bit through a compromise or a series of compromises. For those unwilling to compromise, I suggest they read the rest of the James Madison quote above. Madison said, “That the people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their government whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purpose of its institution."

The budget Governor Dunleavy is asking lawmakers and the people to accept will adversely affect Alaska for years to come. His budget is inadequate for the needs of the people and it’s time for the people to make that known loud and clear. Will the Governor and his politically fueled supporters listen? If you shout loud enough, they will.

The next opportunity to make your voice heard is a rally tomorrow from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in front of the Anchorage Legislative Information Office.

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Budget Vetoes Listening Session

I, like many lawmakers, stand ready to vote to override many of the Governor’s irresponsible budget vetoes, but before we try to do that, we want to hear from you. The Anchorage Caucus is holding a listening session tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Anchorage Legislative Information Office (LIO). If you can’t make it in person, the legislative teleconference system will be up and running by calling (907) 563-9085 if you are in Anchorage. Those outside of Anchorage can call toll-free 1-844-586-9085.

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I’m here for you, so please keep in touch on matters important to you and your family!

Warm regards,

[signed] Chris Tuck
      Chris Tuck
      Alaska State Representative
      District 23 - Anchorage


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