Northern Access to UMed District Survey
Representative Geran Tarr
Alaska House District 17

Rep. Tarr photoDear Neighbor,

      It’s important we have as many survey responses as possible before presenting our requests to project managers. Please feel free to forward this survey to any neighbors that are concerned about the road.

Thank you for your time,
Representative Geran Tarr

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 1 Would you support a northern road access under ANY circumstances?

Yes No

If yes, please proceed to question 2. If no, please explain below:

 2 How would you define this roadway, is it a:

Scenic Byway

 3 If the road is built, what speed limit would you consider acceptable?

Variable at peak traffic flow

 4 How many lanes would you consider acceptable?

Variable at intersections

 5 The road should have bike paths on:

One side Both sides

Should there be a tree buffer between the road and the bike path(s)?
Yes No

 6 Should there be a pedestrian overpass or underpass?

Yes No

 7 Should there be a wildlife overpass or underpass?

Yes No

 8 Can you envision this being an educational opportunity about wetlands and the surrounding landscape?

Yes No

 9 Can you think of another road project in Alaska that would be a good template for the Northern Access Road?
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