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Earthquake Recovery - Are you ready for another emergency?



To file a claim after the earthquake, visit ready.alaska.gov

or call the emergency hotline 1-855-445-7131.


This week I had the opportunity to join Alaska’s Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs on a tour of the joint operations at JBER – the Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson.  Highlights included visiting the barracks of the 22-week Alaska Military Youth Academy, climbing in a helicopter with the National Guard, and watching the Homeland Security and Emergency Management teams in action responding to the 7.0 earthquake.


The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is housed at JBER, in a room filled with equipment and the capability to address the growing natural resources hazards including earthquakes, windstorms, floods, tsunamis, avalanches, volcanoes and wildfires.

Do you have a claim from the earthquake?


To file a claim after the earthquake, visit ready.alaska.gov or call the emergency hotline 1-855-445-7131. Know someone who speaks another language? The Muni of Anchorage translated disaster assistance forms in the following languages. They are attached to this email – please share with folks who may not speak English.


Forms have been translated in:











What can we do to prepare before an earthquake occurs?


Pick "safe places". A safe place could be under a sturdy table or desk or against an interior wall away from windows, bookcases and tall furniture that could fall on you.


Practice drop, cover, and hold-on in each safe place. Drop under a sturdy desk or table and hold on to one leg of the table or desk. Protect your eyes by keeping your head down. Practice these actions so that they become an automatic response.


Wait in your safe place until the shaking stops, then check to see if you are hurt. Move carefully and watch out for things that have fallen or broken, creating hazards. Be ready for aftershocks.


Be on the lookout for fires. Fire is the most common earthquake-related hazard, due to broken gas lines, damaged electrical lines or appliances, and previously contained fires or sparks being released.


If you must leave a building after the shaking stops, use the stairs, not the elevator.

If you're outside in an earthquake, stay outside. Move away from buildings, trees, streetlights, and power lines.


Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson – Mission Ready!


Members of the Legislative Tour grab a photo with members of our Air National Guard.


Alaska’s state general fund investment of $15 million for Military and Veterans Affairs leverages $792 million in federal dollars for the Alaska economy – a great value!


Alaska’s State Office of Veterans’ Affairs works to identify and resolve concerns for the 68,276 veterans and their 161,207 dependents, survivors and extended families in 348 communities across Alaska. Alaska has one of the highest states of veterans, and the four state employees work 24/7 to provide veterans with direct services, outreach and advocacy.



Be SMART for Kids on Gun Violence



Moms Demand Action volunteers at 49th State Brewery with Mayor Bloomberg


With the holiday break from school coming up, many students will have more time home alone.  This is when accidents often happen.  In order to be prepared, parents might be interested in the new education effort on gun violence prevention - Be SMART for Kids. SMART stands for Secure all guns in your home and vehicles, Model responsible behavior around guns, Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in your kids’ friend’s homes, Recognize the risks of teen suicide, and Tell your peers to be SMART. The importance of this effort was reinforced today as I was on a visit at Wendler Middle School and we talked about mental health issue with students.


If you want to support those in our community who have lost someone to gun violence please join us this Saturday at 3 pm at Hostetler Park Downtown for the annual Sandy Hook and Gun Violence Victims Remembrance https://www.facebook.com/MomsDemandActionAK/


Happy Holidays!

We have moved out of the LIO and are working remotely.  We are still available! If you have any questions , please give me a call on my cell at (907) 360-4047.




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