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Newsletter from Rep. Lindsey Holmes: Please Join Me at the West Anchorage Constituent Pizza Party; YEP is Hiring;

Senator Hollis French, Representative Mike Doogan and I will be hosting our Annual Pizza Party for West Anchorage* residents on Saturday, March 12, from 1:00-3:00 PM at Romig Middle School, 2500 Minnesota Drive. There will be pizza, refreshments and entertainment for the kids. Bring the whole family! All three of us will be there to find out what is on your mind. This is a great chance to chat in an informal and fun setting. Come join us for some pizza and make sure we head into the last month of this year’s legislative session with a good understanding of your priorities. I really hope I see you there.

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I’ve been closing out the state operating budget all week. If that sounds like I’ve been performing some vital and important function, I haven’t. I’ve been working on a small part of the long and complicated process that produces a budget every year. Without it, there’d be no public schools for your kids, no police to round up miscreants and no guards to keep them inside.

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