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Rep. Adam Wool

OPINION: Stand up for the university

FAIRBANKS — Throughout the last decade, Eielson Air Force Base was under attack. First there were proposals to close the base, then to take the F-16s away, and as a community, we fought back. All across the political spectrum Alaskans united to stand up for an institution of vital importance and we won. Now Eielson is going to host two F-35 squadrons and is a big growth element of our economy. Now another major pillar of our economy is under attack, and it is time that Alaskans rally to protect the University of Alaska.

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Rep. Kawasaki's Juneau Note

Rep. Kawasaki’s Newsletter: Gas Prices, UAF, and the PFD

Earlier this month, I sent a letter to Governor Walker urging him to investigate high gas prices at the pump across Alaska. We have long seen a high price of gasoline, though an oil pipeline is in our own backyard. In 2007, an investigation by Governor Sarah Palin resulted in an inconclusive correlation between the price of gasoline and the price of crude, especially since crude prices were rising so quickly and refineries were using expensive oil to make gas. However, with the price of oil dropping to the levels of the early 2000’s, it remains a strong curiosity why the price of gasoline in Alaska continues to be the highest in the nation!

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