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Rep. Adam Wool

NEWS: Rep. Wool Opposes Dangerous Budget Cuts to the University of Alaska

Juneau – The Alaska Senate is scheduled to take up the proposed operating budget for Fiscal Year 2018 on Thursday. The budget that passed the Alaska House of Representatives last month maintained the amount of funding for the University of Alaska at $325 million, but the Alaska Senate Majority is considering a $22 million cut that will be taken up on the Senate Floor Thursday.

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Rep. Geran Tarr

NEWS: Display of Student Research Highlights the Need to Adequately Fund the University of Alaska System

Anchorage – Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) is highlighting some of the valuable research being undertaken by students and faculty at the University of Alaska by sponsoring the University of Alaska Anchorage Undergraduate Research and Discovery Symposium today in Anchorage. This comes as the Alaska Legislature is deliberating over the proposed FY 2017 budget, which includes a $50 million cut in funding for the University of Alaska. Such a cut will result in the loss of hundreds of jobs and diminish the ability of the University to conduct needed academic research.

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Rep. Wool Newsletter

Rep. Wool’s Newsletter: It feels like déjà vu around here…

I’m writing you from Juneau again, and it feels like déjà vu – we’re here past our 90 day limit again. In many ways I’m not surprised, as we’re talking about a lot of major issues this year: restructuring the Permanent Fund, income or sales taxes, reforming our oil tax credits, making significant changes to our Medicaid program, and an overhaul of our crime laws. I hoped we could finish in 90 days, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I am committed to staying as long as it takes to craft a real solution, because we cannot afford to kick the can down the road another year. My goal has always been to support a long term, comprehensive fiscal solution, and I spoke about that at a press conference earlier this month.

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