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The Juneau Note from Rep. Kawasaki: Happy Halloween!

November 1st is the first Friday of the month and that means Fairbanks is bursting with fun and exciting things to do. Check out the Co-op Market’s “Autumn in Fairbanks” photography show with Fairbanks artist Saryn Walsh from 5-7pm. Or view local artwork by Klara Maisch and try some refreshments. There is a whole list of wonderful activities to fill up your Friday, click on this link to see more and remember when you’re looking for something to do, ALL ROADS LEAD DOWNTOWN!

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Rep. Geran Tarr

Rep. Tarr’s Newsletter: Don’t let myths get in the way of schools’ progress

I recently published a column in the Anchorage Daily News that presents, and repudiates, several commonly held misconceptions about public education in Alaska. These public education myths are often used to attack our public school system. I am enthusiastic about having a community conversation about improving education outcomes, efficiency in delivery of education, and how to best prepare our youth to be the talented workers of the future.

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Rep. Les Gara

Note from Rep. Gara: Ducking Responsibility: Losing 217 More Education Staff; Police Cuts; and a Volunteer Opportunity

Dear Neighbors,

Sometimes the news reports things as if they just happened out of the blue. With dwindling reporters, it’s hard for the media to connect actions by the Governor and Legislature with what happens months later. Well, let’s talk about that. And let’s talk about that feel-good, but unsustainable spike in drunk driving enforcement you may have read about, and ….opportunities and sobering facts relating to Hunger Action Month.

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Rep. David Guttenberg

Rep. Guttenberg’s Legislative Report: “It’s Our Oil” Rally

With the clock ticking down to the final weeks, the legislature has to decide which bills will pass this session and which will wait until January 2014. With the big issues blocking up House Resources, House Finance, and Senate Finance, small legislation is on hold until the log jam breaks.

I want to say thank you to all the people who have called in to testify, written e-mails, POMs, and made phone calls to me and my colleagues. Your voices really do make a difference in bills and budgets.

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