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Rep. Gara Newsletter

Note from Rep. Gara: Wrong To Vote For Time Off & Wrong To Treat Oil Companies Better Than Kids and Seniors

Last week this session should have been over. Instead it continued past its 90-day deadline. Then, during the 30-day Special Session the Governor called to finish the budget, pass Medicaid Expansion and Reform and pass legislation supporting children, the GOP asked for time off. I have no problem supporting a Republican Governor who is doing the right thing, and it’s odd that the division here is between the Governor and legislative leaders in his own party.

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Rep. Drummond's Newsletter

Rep. Drummond’s Newsletter: Day 93 and counting

I’m sure you noticed that we’re now well past 90 days. The question is, how long will we be staying? I’ll be here until we’re done, fighting for the things my constituents want.

My email inbox has been absolutely flooded this session, and almost every one of them is about three particular subjects.

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Claman's Alaska Matters

Rep. Claman’s Newsletter: Budget Vote and End of Session

Today is the 91st day of the legislative session. Over the past two weeks, I have received countless emails and letters from Alaskans across the state and within our district about several major issues. It is inspiring to hear from so many Alaskans, keep up the good work! In this newsletter, I want to let you know what the Legislature should address before we can head home, and my view on the issues that have received so much public attention.

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Rep. Les Gara

NEWS: Legislation Filed to Inflation Proof the Base Student Allocation

JUNEAU – Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) has filed legislation to raise education funding to account for inflation since last year’s education budget. The bill sets the base student allocation at $5,979 in FY 2016. That’s an increase of $149, which is the amount the non-partisan Legislative Research Division says is needed to inflation proof education funding from last year.

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Rep. Gara Newsletter

Note from Rep. Gara: Massive School Cuts; Massive Oil Company Gifts?

Last week the Senate passed additional major cuts to public school teachers, job counselors and education staff. Last year I and others tried to amend a three-year “education” plan that required educator cuts in many districts, and that was made worse last month when the Republican-led House Majority passed a budget deleting $32 million in promised education funds. Things got worse Friday when the Republican-led Senate hit schools with yet an additional $47 million in cuts. I believe in smart budget cuts, but not cuts with a bludgeon, or cuts that harm educational opportunity for the next generation.

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Rep. Josephson's Newsletter

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Education Cuts & Municipal Elections

The legislative session is starting to pick up pace now that there are only 16 days left in the 90-day session. The operating budget was voted on by the Senate today and soon the House and Senate will choose their conference committee members to work out the differences. One of those differences is the funding of education, which is discussed below along with some important information regarding the Anchorage Municipal elections.

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