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Rep. Tuck Newsletter

Rep. Tuck’s October 25th Newsletter: My Ride Along with the APD

Before heading to Juneau for this special session on crime, I wanted to experience first-hand what it’s like to have boots on the ground in Anchorage’s streets, working to protect the public safety. It is important to learn from our front-line officers who are burdened with the additional responsibility as a result of the recent uptick in crime.

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Rep. Jason Grenn

Rep. Grenn’s October 25th Newsletter: Want to know more about SB54?

Around our state, crime is on the rise. People feel scared and that fear is warranted. As a father of three, public safety is my highest concern. I know you’ll agree with me that quick action is needed to find solutions that protect our families and our neighbors. Everyone deserves the right to feel safe in their community. And we need to protect victims and individual rights.

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