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Rep. Andy Josephson

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Save Our Schools

In several of my previous newsletters, I focused on what I believe are detrimental cuts to education. This week a welcomed wave of public support for education funding crashed down on the legislature.

Also, a big congratulations to the to the East High School boys’ basketball team for winning the State Championship! Way to go T-birds!

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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Alaska’s Nest Egg, PFD to PCG, and Weekend Visit

The Permanent Fund, Alaska’s Nest Egg

The Permanent Fund has been accurately described as Alaska’s Nest Egg. It took our limited natural resource of oil and has turned it into a $45 billion fund that provides annual dividends and helps to build schools and hire police officers. The ‘permanent funds’ of all other states combined is still smaller than ours! And legislators must protect the permanent fund for future generations of Alaskans. Less money from oil revenue and massive tax breaks for big oil corporations will put the permanent fund and PFD’s in jeopardy in the future. I hope legislators and the public are wise about how we preserve our Nest Egg for generations of Alaskans yet to come.

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Rep. Les Gara

Note from Rep. Gara: Education Pressure Working? Silenced Experts & Not All Gas Pipelines Are the Same

Dear Neighbors,

Earlier this week I woke up to killer whales in the Gastineau Channel. At first I thought that could be a bad omen. Then I thought, “I could use some cereal.” That’s just how you have to roll in this job. You do what you can, work harder than you want to give yourself the best chance to make a difference, look at the killer whales, forget them and move on.

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Rep. Harriet Drummond

Rep. Drummond’s Dispatch: MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR MONDAY!

WHAT: S.O.S. Save Our Schools Public Hearing on Education in Alaska.
The public is encouraged to come share its voice on Alaska’s public schools and early education.

WHEN: March 25, 2013, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

WHERE: State Capitol, Fahrenkamp Room 203 or at your local Legislative Information Office

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Rep. Beth Kerttula

Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau Newsletter: Save Our Schools

Alaska’s children are facing attacks on their education this year – from eroding foundation funding to vouchers to early education cuts. On Monday, you’ll have the opportunity to make your voice heard on these issues in a hearing hosted by Alaska’s Democratic Legislators from 1-3 p.m. in Room 203 at the Capitol Building. See the flyer below for more information.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I enjoy hearing from you, so please stop by the office, call, write or email me.

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Rep. David Guttenberg

Rep. Guttenberg’s Legislative Report: Save Our Schools, Senate Operating Budget Public Testimony Tomorrow and Saturday

I want to take this opportunity to tell you about upcoming opportunities to affect the budget and policy moving through the Legislature.

S.O.S- Save Our Schools

This legislative session has seen numerous education policy bills that would significantly change our public education system. Couple this with a lack of basic funding and we are in danger of doing significant harm to our families, students, teachers and staff.

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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: The 3 E’s, SOS!, and Oil Taxes

Dear Neighbors,

My priorities are no secret. Keep Education strong with adequate funding; continue working to advance the Economy through smart policy and good projects that create jobs; and always work towards sustainable and affordable Energy solutions. Education funding in the House operating budget left gaping holes in our curriculum and support of Pre-K to UA. My call continues that the Senate restore this funding as part of their operating budget.

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Rep. Andy Josephson

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Been There, Done That

Since the 28th Legislature convened on January 15, 2013, the Alaska State House has spent more

time chastising the federal government than working on any other issue (I agree that the federal government needs to be “checked” once in a while!). I am bothered that the legislature is spending huge amounts of time on issues that were already dealt with in previous bills and resolutions. If someone told me that this would happen, I would not have believed them.

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