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Rep. Les Gara

CORRECTED: Note from Rep. Gara: Politicians Should Give Back Your Vote, Avoid Annual Abortion Scuffle

Today I filed legislation no party in power would like. It will give you back your vote by eliminating the power the party in power has to gerrymander districts in their favor. This hasn’t been a monopoly of Republicans, though they gerrymandered Alaska’s lines most recently in 2012. Parties have used their majority status to “gerrymander” districts, to try to pre-determine election results, since Governor Elbridge Gerry did it in 1812.

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Alaska state and flag

NEWS: Gara, Kawasaki Introduce Bi-Partisan Redistricting Proposal

JUNEAU – Today Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) and Representative Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) filed a constitutional amendment to end Alaska’s process of partisan, one-party-controlled redistricting. If passed and ratified by Alaskan voters, the bi-partisan redistricting legislation would let Alaska join nine other states with either non-partisan or bi-partisan redistricting, according to a report by the legislature’s Legislative Research Services.

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Rep. Les Gara

NEWS: Gara, French Demand End to Partisan Redistricting in Alaska

Two steps: Replace GOP Board with non-partisan expert; develop non-partisan process for 2022

Today Representative Les Gara and Senator Hollis French (both D-Anchorage) called for two steps to stop the abusive practice of partisan redistricting, or “gerrymandering,” and ensure all Alaskans get fair representation in the state legislature. The current partisan-based Redistricting Board is over a year overdue and its inability to draw a fair plan forced Alaskans to vote under an unconstitutional plan in 2012.

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Rep. Guttenberg’s Legisaltive Report: Insurance Coverage for Children, Moving Wall Dates, Redistricting Update

Friends and Neighbors,

The 27th Alaska State Legislature is finally over. Marilyn, Lily the Great Pyrenees and I have returned home to Fairbanks. We are taking advantage of this good weather and trying to get our garden ready.

I am working on a print newsletter that should be ready soon, to give you a look at what happened this year in Juneau. Please be on the lookout for that and important information on upcoming constituent meetings.

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Rep. Doogan in Juneau: Special All Talk, No Process Edition

Government by Press Conference

There’s been a lot of talk about process in the Capitol the past two weeks. In case you’ve missed it, and you very well might have, legislators are still down in Juneau, trying to figure out if we’re going to have a budget next year. So far we’ve been at that for 12 days of special session, and we’re pretty much right where we started.

Maybe that’s because everybody is talking about process, mostly in dueling press conferences and interviews, but nobody seems to actually be applying a process.

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Rep. Guttenberg’s Legislative Report: It’s Time To Take Up the Budget; Final Hour Legislation; Thank You UAA Intern; Redistricting;

With one day left the race is on. The main focus will be passing the capitol budget and any final pieces of legislation that have made it through the process. A possible adjournment Sunday may not be realistic as of today. Right now it is my impression that we will be in Juneau as long as it takes to get the work done.

In late May you should be receiving my paper newsletter which will give a more detailed look at projects in the budget and the overall impressions of the session. We also will be working to put together constituent meetings around the district.

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