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Note from Rep. Gara: Saving Paper & Glass: But Why You Still Get Those Bulky Yellow Pages!

Your E-News is back! I hope that’s good news to you, and hope you are enjoying a good holiday season. Under state law I was not allowed to write E-Newsletters actively prior to the election (so I wouldn’t have an advantage over my opponent), and, frankly, I wanted to give you – and me! – a break from politics after the election.

Saving Paper on the Skinny White Pages, But What About those Fat Yellow Pages?

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Note from Rep. Gara: Uh Oh & Woohoo! Target Limited on Glass Recycling; $aving Cold Hard Cash on Home Heating and Electricity

Here’s some good news and bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first-because, well, it’s not that bad. Don’t jump before you get to the good news. Ooh. That’s a bad sentence. Don’t jump at all, even after you get to the good news. That’s better.

Oh, and thanks to at least two of you for voting to make me an Anchorage Press Pick as Anchorage’s “Favorite Legislator”. Maybe even more than two of you sent in votes? I’ve been trading this award with Mike Doogan, I think, um, because most of those Anchorage Press newspaper racks are in our districts?

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Note from Rep. Gara: Glass Recycling is Back- Anchorage About to Enter the 21st Century on Recycling!

Most glass recycling was suspended at the beginning of 2009. I was happy to learn (thanks to my aide Rose Foley) that Target stores are collecting glass in Anchorage! The store has collection containers located along the side of their buildings next to the dumpsters at both the South Anchorage and Muldoon locations. While glass recycling efforts stopped because of the excessive cost of shipping heavy glass from Anchorage to the Lower 48, Target is able to use empty space on barge container bins that deliver their goods to Anchorage, but would otherwise leave Anchorage nearly empty. They back-haul the glass to their sorting center in Oregon. We weren’t able to find any other glass recycling options in Anchorage, so let us know if there are others we missed.

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