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NEWS: Knik Arm Bridge Should Be Removed from Transportation Priority List

Anchorage – Representatives Les Gara (D-Anchorage) and Harriet Drummond (D-Anchorage) encourage the public to comment on the need to stop wasteful spending on the proposed Knik Arm Crossing project. The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is accepting public comments until Friday, August 19th on whether the roughly $2 billion bridge project should be removed from the current state transportation priority list.

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Rep. Sam Kito III

Rep. Sam Kito III’s Newsletter: Less Than Ten Days to Go

The pace here in the Legislature has picked up considerably with only a little over a week to go. With the passage of the operating budget from both houses, and establishment of the operating budget Conference Committee, we are now under the 24 hour rule which means committees can schedule bill hearings with 24 hour notice. We have also started having floor sessions into the evening, working our way through bills and resolutions. Some major pieces of the “end game” are in play including the capital budget, the education bill and the natural gas pipleline bill. There is still some question about whether we will be able to complete our work before the statutory session deadline of April 20th.

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Rep. Beth Kerttula

Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau Newsletter: Top 6: Oil Tax Change is Bad for Alaska – Plus: District Capital Budget Projects

The House of Representatives gaveled out of the first session of the 28th Alaska State Legislature at 11:35 p.m. on April 14, 2013.Overall, it was a disappointing session for Alaska, with the elimination of cruise ship waste standards, passage of a massive giveaway of Alaskans’ oil wealth, and no commitment to education. Click here to read an article from KFSK in Petersburg on my take on the session.

I’m also including a list of some of District 32’s capital budget items in this newsletter. In anticipation of large budget deficits due to the oil tax giveaway, the Legislature returned to the more modest capital budgets of years past.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I enjoy hearing from you, so please stop by the office, call, write or email me.

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Rep. Harriet Drummond

Rep. Drummond’s Dispatch: 2013 Final Notes from Juneau

Sunday, April 15 marked the final day of the 2013 legislative session, and there’s no doubt about it: This was a rough session.

The Giveaway Gang

The House Majority used their superior numbers to push through terrible legislation that could have a devastating impact on the lives of everyday Alaskans. SB21, the oil wealth giveaway bill, is going to remove about $1 billion a year from Alaska’s economy.

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NEWS: Rep. Tuck to Impersonators: This Needs to Stop

JUNEAU – Today, officials from the Alaska Department of Transportation notified Rep. Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage) that someone posing as him has been calling residents of his district and giving them false information that a pending road construction project in their area has been cancelled.

According to an email from Highway Design Project Manager Jim Amundsen, “The reports came from a couple of different property owners that were very upset since our ROW section has already been in contact with them and DOT&PF is in the early stages of acquiring their property for the project. “

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Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau Newsletter: Session Ends, Special Session Begins

Its official -the second session of the 27th Alaska State Legislature is over. And the third special session has begun (the first two took place last year). After the Legislature gaveled out, the governor issued a special session proclamation in the early hours of Sunday night/Monday morning.

In this newsletter, I’ll provide a wrap up of the big session issues along with an overview of what we can expect from the special session. I’ll also share a list of Juneau capital projects (and a couple of important statewide items). In future newsletters, I’ll keep you up to date on the special session and highlight some of the legislation we saw during the regular session.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I appreciate hearing from you, so please stop by the office, call, write or email.

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Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Legislative Session Begins: Petersen’s Priorities Are Cheaper Energy, Safer Neighborhoods, and Better Schools

The Legislature just gaveled into session yesterday. The top priorities I have heard from your emails, and from going door to door throughout our neighborhoods, are the need for lower energy costs, safer neighborhoods, and improving our neighborhood schools. These will be my top priorities for this session. I have a couple of new bills this session, and I have some important bills from last session that I will continue to push.

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