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Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: A $2 Billion Goof

• “$2 billion revenue shortfall sparks oil tax debate” — Anchorage Daily News
• “Oil Tax Revenue Expected To Decline By $2 Billion” — Alaska Public Radio
• “Alaska Revenue Forecast Shows Unanticipated Multibillion-Dollar Deficit” — Alaska Dispatch

Translation: We, the State of Alaska, have $2 billion less in oil revenue this coming year than we thought.

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NEWS: Democrats Comment on Signing of Oil Giveaway

Rep. Kerttula and Rep. Gara comment on the signing of the oil wealth giveaway

Today, House Democratic Leader Beth Kerttula (D-Juneau) and Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) issued the following statements in response to the governor signing Senate Bill 21, the oil wealth giveaway, into law.

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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Back to Work in Fairbanks

Dear Neighbors,

It’s hard to believe the first session of the 28th Legislature is already over, having wrapped up on the evening of April 14th. This session was unique – and while there were positive moments of collaboration between legislators, political parties and the public, there were also troubling trends regarding a lack of public participation and due process. Shortened public testimony, rushed bills through committees, and not taking the time to seriously consider some of the most historic issues we as legislators will ever see is a trend that must be reversed.

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Rep. Andy Josephson

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Country Roads, Take Me Home

We are packing up the Juneau office, and Meghan (my aide) and I are very excited to be back in Anchorage. On Monday I will be boarding the ferry to Haines and then driving the 800 miles to Anchorage.

Feel free to contact the office in Anchorage at 269-0265 – I would be happy to discuss events from the end of session or just catch up and talk face-to-face.

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Rep. Les Gara

Note from Rep. Gara: Good, Bad, and Ugly on Oil Bill, Education, and Housing

Dear Neighbors,

Well, in my view this session has been a disaster with glimmers of good. I wish I could put a true and happier spin on this, but I can’t. I’m including two press releases, one good and one bad. The good news is a nice bill what we passed with Rep. Mia Costello which will make Anchorage and Alaska more vibrant, and that will cost-effectively reduce the low and middle-income housing shortage in Anchorage.

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