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NEWS: Lawmakers Selected to Update Harassment Policies for the Alaska Legislature

Anchorage – Six members of the Alaska House of Representatives and the Alaska State Senate have been appointed to a subcommittee tasked with reviewing and recommending updates to the harassment policies for the Alaska State Legislature. The Sexual and Other Workplace Harassment Policy Subcommittee will work under the umbrella of the Alaska Legislative Council, Chaired by Rep. Sam Kito (D-Juneau).

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Rep. Gara Newsletter

Note from Rep. Gara: Are You Earthquake Prepared? Some Useful Safety Tips

Every day I talk to legislators in both parties to see if we can build a bi-partisan fiscal plan. I’m trying to keep things calm. I’m trying not to say “no,” even to proposals that cause me concern. A fair compromise will have to include elements most members don’t love. Compromise involves principled give and take. I’m listening to everyone’s ideas, and hoping enough members of the Republican majority will also be willing to put together a balanced, fair, bi-partisan fiscal plan.

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