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Rep. Les Gara

NEWS: Gara to Oil Companies: Pull False Radio, TV Ads

Anchorage – Today, Representative Les Gara (D, Anchorage) called on four major oil companies to stop misleading Alaska voters. “When you spend over $8 million to dishonor voters by blitzing them with false information, it’s a reflection you have a weak case,” Gara said of the television and radio ads paid for by BP, ExxonMobil, Spanish company Repsol, and ConocoPhillips. Gara wrote each company today to call for them to withdraw their misleading claims.

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Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: A $2 Billion Goof

• “$2 billion revenue shortfall sparks oil tax debate” — Anchorage Daily News
• “Oil Tax Revenue Expected To Decline By $2 Billion” — Alaska Public Radio
• “Alaska Revenue Forecast Shows Unanticipated Multibillion-Dollar Deficit” — Alaska Dispatch

Translation: We, the State of Alaska, have $2 billion less in oil revenue this coming year than we thought.

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Alaska State Seal

NEWS: Real-Time Giveaway Counter Posted

Democratic Legislators Post Oil Wealth Giveaway Cost to Alaskans in Real Time

JUNEAU – Today, the House Democratic Caucus published a real-time counter on its website (akhouse.org/our-oil-bill/giveaway/) to show Alaskans up-to-the-minute losses from the governor’s oil wealth giveaway, SB21. While the Governor’s giveaway is extremely generous to corporations in London and Houston, the giveaway will adversely impact individual Alaskans.

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