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In case you missed it, here’s a Compass piece I wrote earlier this week.

State Budget, Spending Generate a Bunch of Exceptions

I don’t know if you’ve got enough money to be worth talking about. I don’t. But together, we — and every other Alaskan — have a pile of money. Not a Denali-sized pile, but nothing to sneeze at.

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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Legislative Progress Despite Stand-Off

As the Governor and House and Senate budget negotiators continue their impasse, I’m using the special session to advance concerns critical to Alaska’s energy needs.

While serving on the Special Committee on Energy, we have been working jointly with the Resources Committee to go over the energy projects listed in the Senate’s capital bill. We just finished almost twelve hours of hearings and are now working on our comments to forward to the House Finance Committee in anticipation bill arriving to the House soon.

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Rep. Doogan in Juneau: Special Can’t I Go Home Now Edition!

Save It For a Rainy Day? Perish the Thought

We are poised to pass an operating budget today. A mental health budget, too.
(I’ll pause here while you get the legislature-mental health jokes off your chest.)

The operating budget is the big casino, the money to pay for the day-to-day costs of state government. This year’s operating budget is just less than $9 billion – that’s $6.6 billion in state funds, $2.1 in federal funds. Next year’s operating budget, the one we’re working on now, is just more than $9 billion – that’s $6.9 billion in state funds, $2.1 billion in federal funds. That’s an increase of about 4 percent in state funds.

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