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NEWS: Alaska Legislature Honors Previous Commitments by Offering to Purchase the Anchorage Legislative Information Office

Juneau ‚Äď The Alaska Legislative Council voted tonight to make an offer to purchase the Anchorage Legislative Information Office (LIO) for $32.5 million, which is a significant reduction from the previous price placed on the recently remodeled and expanded building. The vote was 13-1 with Representative Sam Kito (D-Juneau) voting yes. He is the only member of the Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition on the Legislative Council.

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NEWS: Legislative Office Building Renegotiations: Rep. Gara Says Costs Should Not Exceed Moving to Much Cheaper Atwood State Office Building

ANCHORAGE¬†‚Äď Last month, the Alaska Legislative Council voted to allow 45 days to potentially renegotiate the costs of the controversial Anchorage Legislative Information Office Building (LIO) in downtown Anchorage.¬†Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) is concerned Republican leaders, who have repeatedly voted and stood against¬†Democratic efforts¬†to move from this space, might renegotiate a new contract that still costs far more than existing options.¬†Rep. Gara wants the public to know how much one of the options would save so they can fairly evaluate any attempt to renegotiate this lease.¬†A¬†report¬†by the non-partisan Legislative Research Division shows that moving to the Atwood State Office Building would be 80 to 90% cheaper than the current Legislative Information Office Building, which costs roughly $4.2 million a year.¬†Whether moving to the Atwood Building would cut the costs by 80%, or over 90%, depends on how much space the Legislature leases. However, Rep. Gara believes the cost of any lease should be at least as low as moving to the Atwood Building.¬†

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