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Rep. Kerttula’s Newsletter: Oil & Gas Taxes: Give Oil Companies the Right Incentives

One of the most important things the Legislature deals with is taxes
for oil and gas. The reason it’s so important is because approximately 80 to 90 percent of the State of Alaska’s general fund revenues come from these taxes. That means oil and gas revenues are responsible for funding schools, building roads and all the other things the government does for Alaskans.

This week, the Anchorage Daily News ran an opinion piece I wrote describing why it’s a bad idea to change our current structure.

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[BILL] HB67: Alaska Film Incentive Program Extension

House Bill 67 ensures Alaska’s competitiveness with other states and countries by continuing the successful Alaska Film Incentive Program. Since their inception, the film incentives have brought millions of production dollars to Alaska. They have also created jobs and business opportunities, small and large, for hundreds of Alaskans.

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