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NEWS: Governor Walker to Sign Legislation Saturday Designating Indigenous Peoples Day in Alaska

Juneau – Representative Dean Westlake (D-Kiana) will join Alaska Governor Bill Walker for a ceremony Saturday in Utgiagvik to sign House Bill 78, which designates the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day in Alaska. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Westlake and passed the Alaska State Legislature this year with overwhelming bipartisan support in both the Alaska House of Representatives and the Alaska State Senate.

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Rep. Spohnholz's newsletter

Rep. Spohnholz’s Newsletter: Things to Celebrate

February is Black History Month, a time when we celebrate the rich history of African Americans in our nation and in our state. I would like to highlight a strong Alaskan African American who was so far ahead of her time in her accomplishments, former State Senator Bettye Davis. I first met SenatorDavis when I was five years old; she worked with my mother at the Division of Family and Youth Services serving foster children.

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Rep. Geran Tarr

NEWS: Rep. Tarr is Fighting for Equal Pay for the Women of Alaska

Anchorage – Sunday was the 8th anniversary of the signing of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act by former President Barack Obama. The act, which put in place requirements to equalize pay between men and women, was the very first piece of legislation signed by President Obama after he took office in 2009.

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Alaska state and flag

OP-ED: Pivotal Moment in Alaska’s History

This moment in Alaska’s history is pivotal in determining what our future as a state will look like. The sudden drop in oil prices and the broken promises of increased oil production in return for excessive tax cuts and credits have resulted in a nearly $3.5 billion budget gap that must be closed. Alaska is required by law to produce a balanced budget. However, a budget is more than just numbers on a page. It should reflect the basic values of the people.

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Claman's Alaska Matters

Rep. Claman’s Newsletter: What’s in the news?

In this week’s newsletter, I am sharing some news highlights from the last two weeks. Since the legislature adjourned, I have attended many community events, met with neighbors around our community, and am working to hear from as many West Anchorage residents as possible. If you have an event you would like me to attend, or would like to meet with me in person, please let us know!

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Rep. Andrew Josephson

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Channeling Scott McMurren – The 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

Normally, legislators send out what are, in the common vernacular, called “E-Blasts” 1-2 times per month. Topics are usually connected to social, economic and political events of the current day. This E-Blast is a deviation from these common themes. Today, I am going to report on a 9-day trip I took to the Lower 48 in late June. I am going to channel my inner Scott McMurren.

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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Juneau Note from Rep. Kawasaki: Alaska’s Last Territorial Governor

Alaska lost a hero from the battle for statehood today. Territorial Governor Mike Stepovich of Fairbanks passed away last night surrounded by family. He served in the House, the Senate and was appointed by President Eisenhower to the post of Governor in 1957. He was a family man and an accomplished attorney. But the greatest legacy that can be shared, and today mourned, by every Alaskan was his steadfast advocacy in the efforts of Alaska to gain statehood. RIP Governor.

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