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Rep. Louise Stutes

Rep. Stutes’ May 16th Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors, As we approach the finish line, I want to keep you informed with our progress. Here is an update of where stand as our constitutional session reaches its deadline…

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Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux

Rep. LeDoux’s Newsletter: May Update

Last month, members of the Alaska House Majority Coalition passed a comprehensive fiscal plan, as we pledged to do. The Senate is hearing bills that are part of the plan. The plan includes the following pillars:

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s May 1st Newsletter

Greetings from Juneau this 105th day of session. I want to start this newsletter by thanking all of you for taking time to be part of the process. Your opinions, comments, and questions help move the conversation forward. Whether you agree with my viewpoint or not, every voice counts. I want to hear from you so please keep testifying, calling my office and emailing.

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Claman's Alaska Matters

Rep. Claman’s April 28th Newsletter: Budget Updates

Today marks the 102nd day of the session. The House has passed its four-pillared responsible action plan to the Senate for consideration. As the House hears additional legislation, the budget remains our top priority and we’re committed to working together with the Senate.

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s April 27th Newsletter: Update: State Reductions & Diversifying Revenue

Hello! Some information came out this week that I wanted to share with you. This past Monday, the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy released their report: Comparing the Distributional Impact of Revenue Options in Alaska. This report compares the impact of different revenue plans being discussed in Juneau this session. The report finds that most Alaska households would pay less under a personal income tax, like our HB 115 School Tax, than they would under a 3% sales tax even if the sales tax exempted food, child care and rent.

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