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Rep. Sam Kito's newsletter

Rep. Kito’s Newsletter: Medicaid & an Alaska Gasline

Dear Neighbors,

Happy Spring Equinox! In this week’s newsletter, we will touch on Medicaid, an Alaska Natural Gas pipeline, and finish up with a couple of shout outs and reminders. A very big thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, wrote, and visited the office this session – it’s great to hear from you.

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Rep. Kawasaki's Juneau Note

Rep. Kawasaki’s Newsletter: Significant Development For Fairbanks Natural Gas

Last week, Governor Walker announced that our state-owned corporation, The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA), will purchase Fairbanks Natural Gas (FNG). This is an important development in the immediate goal to bring affordable energy to the Interior. I applaud the Governor to keeping with his commitment to help our delegation solve the energy issue in Fairbanks.

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Rep. Andrew Josephson

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Thirteen days. Where are we?

Before moving to Juneau for the 90 day legislative session, I wrote a newsletter predicting the big issues for this year. Well, it’s day 77. Only thirteen days to go (assuming we do not go in to a special or “extended” session). In this newsletter, I want to give you an update on those issues and where they are in the legislative process.

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Rep. Andrew Josephson

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Gasline Talks: Part 1

As expected, the Governor’s new gas line proposal has dominated much of the discussion this session. Although the deal is far from complete, and may not ultimately be the best path forward, developing our natural gas reserves is critical to the future of our state. (Put simply, we’re running out of oil and it’s not coming back in familiar volumes—we need a replacement source of revenue!). Throughout this process, it is essential that Alaskans have access to accurate information so a beneficial and transparent deal can be negotiated on the behalf of all Alaskans.

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