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Rep. Guttenberg's Legislative Report

Rep. Guttenberg’s Newsletter: Medicaid Testimony Saturday

The end is near for the 2015 Legislative Session. Per usual, the gridlock starts as legislators scramble to negotiate for priority issues. This year I expect there to be significant stand offs between the House, Senate and governor over education funding, Medicaid expansion and the future of the gas line.

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Rep. Chris Tuck

Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Gas Line Update: Recent Agreements

Recently, I provided information on the latest gas line proposal along with some of the basic concepts behind the plan. In this update, I have provided information on the two agreements the state has entered into so far. These are temporary, non-binding agreements that were signed in January, before the governor introduced his gasline bill. If the bill passes this session, they will be the framework for negotiating binding contracts that would govern the ownership and operation of the pipeline and LNG plant.

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