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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s June 17th Newsletter

Good morning on this the 2nd day of the second special session. Last Thursday evening, the House passed a combined capital and operating budget in an attempt to avoid a government shutdown. Combining the two budgets was unusual, but we were running out of time in the first special session to pass the capital budget and we had not yet negotiated a successful operating budget compromise.

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House Majority Coalition

NEWS: House Moves to Prevent Government Shutdown with Passage of Combined Operating and Capital Budgets

Juneau – Tonight, to avoid a government shutdown at the beginning of the month, the Alaska House of Representatives passed a combined Capital and Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018. The House budgets reverse the Senate’s $69 million cut to K-12 education and most of the cut to the University of Alaska. Additionally, the Capital Budget restored the full amount of expected Permanent Fund Dividends, which will be paid in the fall to eligible Alaskans.

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s June 12th Newsletter

Greetings from Juneau on this 26th day of the first special session of the 30th Legislature. I continue to work for a sustainable fiscal solution to our state’s declining revenue, but have had little success dealing with the Senate. We are quickly approaching the end of the first special session and if we have not passed a budget within the allowable time, the Governor may call us back into a second special session.

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Rep. Louise Stutes

Rep. Stutes’ June 11th Newsletter: Special Session Update and More

I know Alaskans are frustrated to yet again see special sessions and gridlock in Juneau. I too am frustrated; however, this may be the most critical junction in Alaska’s history and getting the right solution is paramount. A​lthough both the House and Senate have not been holding a lot of floor sessions, I can assure you that we are working hard negotiating and seeking middle ground to reach a compromise.

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Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux

Rep. LeDoux’s June 9th Newsletter: Special Session Update #1

We are in the final third of the special session called by Governor Walker on May 18th to focus on solutions to Alaska’s fiscal crisis. These past five months in Juneau have not been easy: we are grappling with historic choices brought on by a fundamental shift in the economics of oil. Thankfully, the pace of progress has quickened as of late:

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