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Rep. Sam Kito's newsletter

Rep. Kito’s Newsletter: start of the special session

Yesterday, the Legislature adjourned, which should have been cause for relief (or celebration), but wasn’t. Here’s why: the Legislature passed a budget that is not fully funded – which means the state would run out of money before the next session. Despite days of negotiating, we were unable to reach an agreement on a budget that works for all Alaskans. As a result, Governor Walker called us back into a special session, starting today, Tuesday, April 28 at 10 am.

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Rep. Guttenberg's Legislative Report

Rep. Guttenberg’s Newsletter: Special Session

Last night, we adjourned the regular session after 98 days. We left with an unfunded budget after weeks of negotiations. As a member of the Alaska Independent and Democratic Coalition my vote not to open the Constitutional Budget Reserve yesterday, was cast to protect Alaskans. The budget before us hurts children and it doesn’t have to. We can make smart cuts to stalled mega projects and outlandish oil tax credits while still keeping our promises to our children and state employees.

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Rep. Tarr and Erin Merryn

NEWS: Last Day of Session – Still Time to Move Erin’s Law

JUNEAU – Today is day 90 of the first session of the 29th Alaska Legislature. Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) continues to remain hopeful the Legislature will pass Erin’s Law and become the 22nd state in the nation to approve this effective tool to prevent child sexual abuse.

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