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Rep. Wool Newsletter

Rep. Wool’s Newsletter: Legislative Session Adjourns: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

My first session as your representative in the State House finally ended on Thursday. This isn’t the first time that session has gone into overtime, but it was the longest extension in a while. There used to be no set length, it just ended when everything was finished or when fishermen and farmers had to go back to work. I don’t think there are many fishermen or farmers in the legislature right now, but some do have regular jobs during the year, myself included.

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Rep. Gara Newsletter

Note from Rep. Gara: Why This Took Way Too Long! Budget Improved to Give Children, Seniors a Fairer Shake in Life

I’ve been periodically frustrated, and sometimes worse than that as the budget process plodded along too slowly. Passing a budget isn’t rocket science and many Democrats, Republicans and our one Independent legislator could likely have reached compromise in a few days, rather than taking 50 extra days of special session. But some legislators, though good people, were, I’d have to say, less “flexible” than others.

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Claman's Alaska Matters

Rep. Claman’s Newsletters: Second Special Session Adjourns

After weeks of negotiations, the House and Senate finally passed budget bills this afternoon that ended the second Special Session of the 29th Alaska State Legislature. Additionally, the Senate passed “Erin’s Law,” also known as the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, which I was pleased to support in the House. Throughout these challenging times, I have continued to prioritize: investing in public education, building a strong economy, honoring our commitments, and improving access to health care for all Alaskans.

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Rep. Tarr and Erin Merryn

NEWS: Rep. Tarr Applauds Passage of Erin’s Law in Alabama and Oregon

ANCHORAGE – Erin’s Law, to give children needed information to protect themselves from sexual predators, has been approved in two additional states. This comes as Erin’s Law legislation is stalled in the Alaska Senate. Oregon and Alabama have approved Erin’s Law, making them the 24th and 25th states to pass this important personal body safety measure.

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Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins Newsletter

Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: Ugh

On behalf of the legislative branch of government in Alaska, I am SO sorry.

I’ve heard some grizzled Alaska political observers lament they haven’t seen it so bad since 1981. I’ve heard some say it’s never been this bad, ever.

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