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Note from Rep. Gara: Are You Earthquake Prepared? Some Useful Safety Tips

Every day I talk to legislators in both parties to see if we can build a bi-partisan fiscal plan. I’m trying to keep things calm. I’m trying not to say “no,” even to proposals that cause me concern. A fair compromise will have to include elements most members don’t love. Compromise involves principled give and take. I’m listening to everyone’s ideas, and hoping enough members of the Republican majority will also be willing to put together a balanced, fair, bi-partisan fiscal plan.

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Rep. Chris Tuck

Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Earthquake Preparedness

As we were just reminded with a 6.1 earthquake this morning, earthquakes can happen suddenly and without warning. It is a good idea to keep up to speed on the proper procedures in such an event, and how to make adequate preparations in case of injury or a breakdown in essential services such as water or electricity.

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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Constituent Meeting, AWG, 1964 Earthquake Anniversary

We are sprinting towards the end of the 28th Alaska State Legislature and multiple bills are passing the House every day. As of this writing, we have more than 25 pieces of legislation that have passed out of committee and are waiting to be voted on in the House. My office has been working diligently to ensure everything is properly vetted before we vote. It is our duty as legislators to ensure we only pass legislation that is beneficial to all Alaskans and I will continue to work hard for Fairbanks and Alaskan families.

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Berta’s Briefings from Rep. Gardner: What Should We Be Doing?

Whether a flood, earthquake or wildfire, a natural disaster could strike our community any time of the year. This September, communities around our state have been observing Emergency Preparedness Month. The purpose is to help make sure we are adequately prepared for an emergency or disaster in our community – and Alaska is no stranger to natural disasters.

In light of the enormous stakes at hand, what should we be doing to prepare now?

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