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Note from Rep. Gara: Looks Like Winter’s Here To Stay E-News: Will the Guv. Do The Right Thing and Opt Out of NCLB? UAA Oil Debate Monday, and More

I can’t lie. I’d rather be fishing than scraping the ice off my car, and shivering on my mountain bike with studded tires. But the miracle of extended fall seems to be over. Nice miracle while it lasted.

Tuesday I had a huge amount of fun at a great non-profit event: Arctic Entries. You should go sometime. Arctic Entries is a community effort to get seven Alaskans per month to tell stories. I told mine – about bad karma – and the time I had to fly fish with chicken. Not very fly fishing purist of me, but it was on a trip to Peru, and that’s all they had. Or I didn’t know how to say “flies” in Spanish. Anyway – you can find out about upcoming shows at Proceeds go to Anchorage’s domestic violence shelter, AWAIC.

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