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Berta’s Briefings from Rep. Gardner: A Pipeline to Poverty?

I think we all want to find a way to harness our state’s natural gas to help Alaskans with high energy costs as well to take our natural resources to market. Unfortunately, a bill which just passed the House Resources Committee – with the stated goals of bringing gas to Alaskans as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible – has identified the right problems and found a very expensive and wrong solution, which is likely to do the opposite of what it intends.

House Bill 9 puts the Alaska Gasline Development Agency (AGDC) in charge of building a small gas pipeline to bring gas from the North Slope to the Railbelt, including Anchorage, of course.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Home Energy Upgrade $; Controversial Bills; Corporate Election $pending News & Um, HELP!!!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on some of the things we are working on in Juneau. And for those of you who missed last week’s constituent meeting held by our and Senator Ellis’ office – but have questions or concerns – please let us know. I’ll give the hard questions to Johnny. Kidding Johnny. Just kidding.

There are two controversial bills that I want to share some information on. First, on HJR 16 the House Finance Committee will take public testimony on a proposed constitutional amendment to use state money to pay for private schools.

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Rep. Petersen Resolution Supports Community Efforts to Create Muldoon Park

“Community effort to create this park is an example of grassroots democracy at its best”

JUNEAU – As the Anchorage Assembly considers a proposal that would hurt the efforts by Muldoon area residents to create a city park on the former site of the Alaska Greenhouse, Rep. Pete Petersen (D-Anchorage) has introduced a resolution (HCR 27) to support the effort to create what local residents have dubbed the “Muldoon Park Strip.” Despite residents’ desires to create the park, the Municipality of Anchorage is considering whether to sell most of this land.

“As the representative for Northeast Anchorage and Muldoon, my job is to listen to my neighbors and help them build the community they want,” Petersen said. “The community effort to create this park is an example of grassroots democracy at its best and I am proud to stand with them.”

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Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Important Muldoon Park Meeting on Tuesday; Autism and Energy Legislation Moving; Property Tax Relief and Child Protection Bills Up Next Week

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you to everyone who came to the Anchorage Caucus meeting and the neighborhood pizza party on Saturday. It was great to be back home for the weekend, and to hear from so many people who care about our neighborhoods. I’ve had a fairly busy and productive week in Juneau, but first I wanted to let you know about an important meeting in Anchorage on Tuesday.

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Two Women, Two Jobs, One Conclusion

I had the pleasure of talking with two fine women on Thursday, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and state Ombudsman Linda Lord-Jenkins. Both women have tough jobs and are doing them well.

Pretty much everybody in Alaska knows Murkowski. I met her when she was a state legislator and I was an ink-stained wretch. She was thoughtful and hard-working and, for the most part, non-partisan. Oh, she was – and still is – a Republican, but I always thought she was – and is – more interested in doing things the right way rather than the party way.

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Berta’s Briefings from Rep. Gardner: Issues People Care About

Who says people don’t follow what’s going on in our state? This past Saturday, the Anchorage Caucus (comprised of Anchorage-area legislators) held a public meeting to hear from people about whatever was on their minds – and then later, Senator Ellis and I held a constituent meeting for our district. The first hearing was standing room only in the Assembly Chambers and I truly appreciated the thought and preparation people put into their testimony.

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Rep. Lindsey Holmes Newsletter: Protecting Alaskan Consumers

This morning, the Alaska State House passed my House Bill 274 which will bolster the state’s ability to stand up for the rights of Alaskan consumers.

According to a recent decision by a federal judge, a provision in Alaska law could prevent the state from enforcing Alaska’s Consumer Protection laws in cases where federal and state enforcement responsibilities overlap. This could block the state from pursuing claims against corporations engaged in illegal business practices.

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Berta’s Briefings from Rep. Gardner: Safety is on My Mind

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Samantha Koenig who was tragically abducted from a coffee stand in Midtown where she worked. I know the Anchorage Police Department, the FBI, Samantha’s family, and the Anchorage community, are doing everything they can to bring Samantha home. We are all waiting for the news that she has been rescued and is safe.

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