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Rep. Geran Tarr

NEWS: Rep. Tarr is Fighting for Equal Pay for the Women of Alaska

Anchorage – Sunday was the 8th anniversary of the signing of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act by former President Barack Obama. The act, which put in place requirements to equalize pay between men and women, was the very first piece of legislation signed by President Obama after he took office in 2009.

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ADVISORY: House and Senate Democrats to Celebrate Roe v. Wade Anniversary and Discuss Women’s Health and Safety Legislation

JUNEAU – Several Democrats in the Alaska House and Senate will honor the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision with a press conference Thursday, January 22 at the State Capitol. The Senators and Representatives will also announced their women’s issues agenda and discuss women’s health and safety legislation they plan to introduce during the first session of the new 29th Alaska Legislature.

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Rep. Les Gara

CORRECTED: Note from Rep. Gara: Politicians Should Give Back Your Vote, Avoid Annual Abortion Scuffle

Today I filed legislation no party in power would like. It will give you back your vote by eliminating the power the party in power has to gerrymander districts in their favor. This hasn’t been a monopoly of Republicans, though they gerrymandered Alaska’s lines most recently in 2012. Parties have used their majority status to “gerrymander” districts, to try to pre-determine election results, since Governor Elbridge Gerry did it in 1812.

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NEWS: Democrats Pre-file Bill to Ensure Safe Places for Mothers to Breastfeed

JUNEAU – Today, Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage), Representative Beth Kerttula (D-Juneau), and Representative Harriet Drummond (D-Anchorage) pre-filed legislation to ensure Alaskan mothers have the time and a safe place to breastfeed or express milk while at work. Currently, it is difficult for many Alaskan mothers to find a clean, safe place to express while at work.

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Gov’t Regs Not the Place to Make Women’s Health Decisions

Today, democratic legislators Representative Geran Tarr, Representative Beth Kerttula, Representative Harriet Drummond and Senator Berta Gardner spoke out against the governor’s bureaucratic intrusion into Alaska women’s personal health decisions. The Parnell administration recently finalized regulations allowing government bureaucrats to determine which circumstances determine whether a woman’s abortion procedure is medically necessary, a determination previously left to health professionals.

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