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Democrats Introduce Accountability Measures for Oil Tax Credits

JUNEAU – Today, House Democratic Whip Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage) introduced two pre-filed bills designed to provide Alaskans more information on the State’s North Slope investments. The bills will help Alaskans know if our massive investment is meeting our twin goals of more oil in the pipeline and more jobs for Alaskans.

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Berta’s Briefings from Rep. Gardner: Hearing on Local Hire Tomorrow – Let’s Hire More Alaskans

One of the big secrets during all the ongoing oil and gas tax debate is that oil field employment is at near record levels. Sadly, the Alaska Department of Labor statistics show that half the workforce is now from other states. This is unacceptable to those of us who want to support Alaskan hire.

I am pleased that the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee is holding public hearings in Fairbanks and Anchorage, trying to understand why hiring from out of state is increasing, and how the state can encourage the hiring of Alaskans.

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Note from Rep. Les Gara: Hiring Non-Alaskans in the Oil Patch Hearing Thursday & Lots More

Well, I’ve learned a lot this summer, and Thursday we can all learn more – on why the oil industry is hiring so many outside workers in place of Alaskans. That hearing will take place at the Legislative Information Office, from 1:30 to 3:30. Public testimony will be allowed from 5:30 to 7:30. Here’s what we know. Nearly 50% of Alaska’s North Slope workers since 2009 have been outsiders. On the other hand, employment in Alaska’s oil and gas industry is at an all-time high – 13,600 this year, compared to 10,100 when we had a low oil production tax under the old ELF system. So – those fancy TV ads saying we need to reduce oil taxes because we’re losing North Slope employment leave out a fact. Well, a few. That employment is up. But Outsiders are taking jobs Alaskans should get. Lowering oil taxes, when the industry is hiring more non-Alaskans, is one of those bad policy non sequiturs.

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Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Important Chance to Make Your Voice Heard on Alaskan Jobs; Increasing Vo/Tech Opportunities

Important Hearing on Alaskan Oil Jobs

This week the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee will be holding important public hearings about Alaskan hire in Alaska’s oil and gas industry. Oil and gas is a major component of our economy, and the good news is North Slope jobs are at near record highs and we are seeing increased development in the North Slope and Cook Inlet, especially by smaller independent producers. In fact, Petroleum News anticipates that this current drilling season will be “one of the busiest exploration seasons since 1969.”

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Governor’s Oil Tax Giveaway Moves Despite Many Unanswered Questions

JUNEAU – Last night, the House Resources Committee passed Governor Parnell’s bill to give away around $2 billion of Alaska’s oil wealth each year despite many unanswered questions by committee members. The committee’s expedited timeline for moving the bill left only one day to hear the details of the actual bill language and two days for proposing and discussing amendments.

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