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Hello Eastside!
We are now in the second half of the 2022 legislative session---I would like to update you all on what my office has been up to. I have been hearing from six different departments on a wide variety of topics during the budgetary subcommittee process, have introduced a few more bills, and have been meeting with many members of our community.

As always, thank you for your continued engagement. 


These are a selection of the many bills we have heard in standing committees thus far: 
House Health and Social Services: Executive Order 121
  • Splitting the Department of Health and Social Services is on our docket in the House Health and Social Services Committee again. The Administration  issued Executive Order 121, which would split the department into two and add several supervisory positions. The administration has proposed this split in order to, in their characterization, promote more efficient management of what can be an unwieldy department. As co-chairs of (H)HSS, it was Representative Zulkosky and my role to hear  the Administration’s rationale and ensure the interests of Alaskans are met by splitting the department. We appreciated hearing from leaders in the department and details about engagement with staff and community members who would be affected by the split. The Executive Order is still in our committee. We have not reached a conclusion and will continue to update you as the process moves forward.
House Judiciary: House Bill 172
  •  This bill addresses a wide swath of issues related to mental health care in the State. There are very, very few mental health care beds relative to our need. Law enforcement and emergency medical services are relied on to provide what should be long-term treatment in designated facilities. Patients are frequently sent out of state to treatment centers that do not yet exist in Alaska. This bill would promote the creation of subacute mental health facilities to address the lack of treatment within the state. It also describes the rights and notification available to individuals relevant to this bill, how individuals may be admitted and detained, the timelines by which they are treated, and how psychotropic medication is administered.

House Labor and Commerce: Senate Bill 9
  •  This bill is a modernization of Title 4, the laws governing the powers of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. This bill is a culmination of almost 10 years of negotiations involving hundreds of stakeholders across the state. The bill is primarily focused on: 
    • promoting a fair business climate and protecting public health
    • limiting youth access to alcohol
    • promoting responsible alcohol consumption
    • smooth implementation without negative impacts on business
There are many new provisions included in this bill, including a new endorsement system that could allow manufacturers to hold a certain number of live events per year and allow package stores to hold tasting events. In addition, the penalties for most Title 4 violations have been reduced from misdemeanors to minor offenses, with a newer, more flexible regime of fines implemented. A new monitoring system for online sales will be put in place, as well as universal keg registration to hold individuals who bring kegs to underage parties accountable. The bill is currently awaiting its next committee referral. 
Bills my office has recently introduced: 

House Bill 292


Created in partnership with the Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU), this bill helps disabled individuals access care and ensures their their caretakers are fairly compensated. Disabled individuals in Alaska under specific types of waivers have suddenly been dropped to a lower level of care or have lost access to care entirely. This bill will ensure people are notified when their need for care is being reevaluated and that a path for appeal is clear.


House Bill 382


This bill caps the price of insulin for Medicaid users. This is common sense legislation that has been adopted by 13 states and will ensure Alaskans can access life-sustaining medication. 

If you would like to keep up with a bill in the Alaska Legislature, text the bill number (i.e. HB 382 for House Bill 382, my insulin coverage bill) to 559-245-2529  to get text updates. 

Community Information

Upcoming Meetings:

Anchorage Assembly Regular Meeting
Monday March 1st, 5 pm
Meeting information

Scenic Foothills Community Council
Thursday March 3rd, 6:30 pm
Meeting information

Northeast Community Council
Thursday March 17th, 7 pm
Meeting information

Capitol Budget Requests  

In late January, we met with the Department of Transportation and the Scenic Foothills Community Council on traffic safety issues in our district. The state has a significant opportunity to acquire s federal funding for infrastructure improvement, so I encourage you to remain engaged as we move forward in finding solutions to this safety issue.  I will be submitting requests for traffic safety project funding in the capitol budget. If you have additional input on this issue, please reach out to our office. 

The PFD filing period closes March 31st! Apply via this link, and please reach out to my office if you run into any issues.  

Honored as always to serve you,
Rep. Snyder
Contact our office:

(907) 465-3438

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