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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Budgets and Christmas Trees

Last Wednesday, Governor Mike Dunleavy unveiled his budget proposal for the next fiscal year. I anticipated a budget with deep cuts to many of the essential state services that I have been fighting to protect. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find, for the most part, a status-quo budget. While certainly not perfect, the Legislature can work with this budget as a starting point.

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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Help for Veterans and Military Spouses

Alaska is a military state. Because of our strategic location, the federal government continues to invest millions of dollars every year in bases and other infrastructure. Alaska is also a military state because we are home to more veterans per capita than any other state in the nation. In many ways, Alaska’s economy is shaped by the thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, veterans, and their families who call Alaska home. That’s why I have sponsored legislation to help military families in Alaska.

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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: PFD Special Session Doubtful

As our daily sunlight dwindles away, so do hopes for a third special session focused on the Permanent Fund and PFDs. Until recently, I thought a compromise was possible that would allow lawmakers to go back to work to find long-term solutions about how to best use the earnings of the $64 billion Alaska Permanent Fund. However, with no easy path forward and an apparent unwillingness by many to reengage on the issue, another special session this year seems very unlikely.

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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Be Careful Out There

Winter showed up across much of Alaska this week. The return of snow and ice means roads will often be slick and dangerous for the next few months. The best way to be safe while driving is to slow down. Leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you and always turn on your headlights. Remember that bridges and ramps freeze first. Even when other parts of the roadway are clear, bridge decks and overpasses can have ice on them.

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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Thursday was PFD Day

The annual Permanent Fund Dividends (PFDs) paid out to eligible Alaskans started hitting bank accounts on Thursday. An estimated 631,000 Alaskans will receive a payment of $1,606 to use as they see fit. Sure, some people may use their PFD to do something extravagant, but others will use it to survive the coming harsh winter. The PFD is your share of Alaska’s accumulated resource wealth, and you can use it any way you want.

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