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Reelected! It’s time to get to work

The 2020 election is over. I am honored that you have chosen to send me to Juneau to represent the people of District 23 in the Alaska State Legislature. Thank you. Now it’s time to get to work.

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50 Years of PBS

For 50 years, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has been entertaining and educating television viewers across the country. PBS has been especially important in Alaska, where public broadcasting has a long and distinguished history.

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Request Your Absentee Ballot

I have long been an advocate for voting by mail and I agree with the experts that it’s the safest way to vote during a pandemic. Earlier this year, I worked with other lawmakers to amend the legislature’s coronavirus relief bill to specifically allow a vote by mail election this year.

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9/11 Anniversary Sparks Hope for the Future

Nineteen years ago, our nation suffered an act of terrorism intended to break our national spirit. It didn’t work. Like many of you, I watched the events of September 11, 2001, and instead of being broken, my spirit was lifted by the selflessness and bravery of the people of New York.

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Additional help is on the way for small businesses

These are tough times for our country. The coronavirus has killed over 181,000 Americans and the efforts to slow the spread of the virus has resulted in widespread unemployment. Nationally, over 27 million people are unemployed and the unemployment rate in Anchorage was 11 percent last month.

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