NEWS: Legislation Signed to Help the Military and National Guard in Alaska

Three Bills Spearheaded by Rep. Chris Tuck Support Alaska’s Organized Militia

Anchorage – Today, a series bills to further modernize Alaska’s military code were signed into law during a ceremony in Anchorage. Representative Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage) worked cooperatively with the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Defense on the much-needed statutory changes to support and protect Alaska’s service members.

“These three bills represent our shared commitment to support the brave men and women who protect our great state by standing ready at a moments notice to step into the fray. For that they deserve respect and a Military Code that is fair and accommodates the sacrifices they make for every Alaskan,” said Rep. Tuck, who serves as the Majority Leader in the Alaska House of Representatives and the Chair of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

House Bill 307 updates Alaska’s Code of Military Justice (ACMJ) to clarify crimes and actions that are subject to court-martial proceedings. Additionally, the bill details additional crimes subject to punishment, creates a procedure for service members to register as a sex offender, and updates consumer protections for Alaska National Guard members called to active duty.

House Bill 150 simplifies how members of Alaska’s organized militia are paid by authorizing the same pay rate for members called up for both state and federal active duty. Before HB 150, militia members were subject to differing and confusing pay structures depending on the duty they were performing. HB 150 creates a new pay system based on a service members grade and rank, similar to the current federal pay structure.

House Bill 126 fixes a flaw in state law by extending workers compensation protections to militia members injured during training exercises. Before the passage of HB 126, militia members were covered by workers compensation when called to active duty, but those same protections did not apply during training.

“These three bills show that the members of the Alaska Legislature can deal with problems when we put aside politics and focus on solutions. It was my pleasure to work on behalf of the brave men and women who honor us all with their service,” said Rep. Tuck.

House Bills 126, 150, and 307 all passed the 30th Alaska State Legislature by unanimous votes. All three bills were signed into law today by Alaska Governor Bill Walker during a ceremony at the American Legion Jack Henry Post 1 in Anchorage.

For more information, please contact Alaska House Majority Coalition Press Secretary Mike Mason at (907) 444-0889.

Mike Mason
Press Secretary, Alaska House Majority Coalition
Phone: (907) 444-0889