Our Short, but Strong, Growing Season [NEWSLETTER]

Growing food in Alaska is like no other place in the US and I love gardening here. I love walking our neighborhoods and seeing all of the great gardens. And, the new gardening project spearheaded by ACLT, to install raised gardening beds and teach citizens how to use them, is giving many families in our area a new way to grow food for their family. Too cool!

Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishery [NEWSLETTER]

The first Economic Development Tour was the Bristol Bay Fishery, where I visited at the height of the sockeye salmon fishery. I had the opportunity to join Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) Board Member Kevin Adams at his family’s Naknek home.

Rep. Tarr and Senator Micciche defend Alaska fisheries management [PDF]

In response to Wal-Mart’s decision to only source wild caught seafood that has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, Representative Geran Tarr and Senator Peter Micciche wrote a letter defending Alaska’s fishing industry and Alaska’s stewardship of its resources.