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Governor Dunleavy’s message: Alaska is Closed for Business

We are all in shock and still reading through the devastating vetoes from Governor Dunleavy and his out of touch, been in Alaska for six months OMB Director. Their message is clear – Alaska is closed for business. From devastating cuts to education that mean our workforce will be less prepared to eliminating important programs that support development of our agriculture industry to getting rid of the Ocean Ranger Program that works to keep our water safe for fish and supports our tourism industry, all the cuts scream that Alaska is closed for business.

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Please join me for a Constituent Coffee Saturday, May 18th at 10:00 am at Yes Bistro.

Things have moved quickly here in Juneau and yesterday a compromise bill on public safety was passed by the joint Conference Committee of three members from the House and three members from the Senate. We literally have a few day break while the staff at the Legislative Legal Department drafts the bill. When HB 49 was passed quickly out of the Senate there were some errors in the bill and now that we are in the final version of the bill it is critical that many eyes approve this almost 100 page document.

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Join me tomorrow for coffee or the Anchorage Caucus & Important Updates

Lots of action this week as we quickly transition to regular session schedule. First, please remember there are two opportunities for meeting this weekend. Both are on Saturday. First we have a constituent coffee from 9-10 at the Unitarian Church and then from 10-12:30 we have Anchorage Caucus. Full details are below.

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