OP-ED: My Values Dictate My Actions

State and Rep Tarr

The Fifth Special Session of the 29th Alaska Legislature just concluded without adopting a comprehensive fiscal plan. I’m as frustrated as you are right now. But, according to recent commentaries, if I don’t support taking the PFD first, like what the Senate has done, it’s because I’m a coward or only worried about my election. Somehow with all the finger pointing and name calling they failed to recognize the reason why I don’t support it, my values. My values are grounded in fairness and equality, in taking care of our seniors and elders, in caring for the least among us, and creating opportunities for everyone to succeed. Everything I’ve done or not done is because of my values and has nothing to do with an election or being too afraid.

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Rep. Tarr’s Newsletter: Legislative Special Session #5

Tarr's Times

On Wednesday, the House sent a letter to the Senate inviting them to join us in a joint session on Friday to review the Governor’s budget vetoes – Friday being the last day for the Legislature to vote to override any of the Governor’s decisions. If you were following the special session on Monday, you may have seen that Senator Bill Wielechowski made a motion in the Senate for a joint session for veto overrides. At the time his motion was ruled out of order because the presiding officer said that typically the House invites the Senate. So, by sending a letter we followed the tradition of the House inviting the Senate. Turns out, that may have just been a stall tactic because upon receiving the letter from the House the Senate declined the invitation, effectively allowing the vetoes to stand.

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NEWS: House Ends Historic Fifth Special Session Without Progress on a Comprehensive Fiscal Plan

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives adjourned the Fifth Special Session of the 29th Alaska Legislature. Lawmakers were unable to reach consensus on the components of the fiscal plan proposed by Alaska Governor Bill Walker. Despite the setback, the members of the Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition (AIDC) remain committed to finding acceptable solutions to close the budget gap that can garner approval from the Governor, the Alaska Legislature, and the people of Alaska.

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NEWS: Consumers Have a Right to Know the Genetically Modified Ingredients in Their Food

Rep. Geran Tarr

Anchorage – The U.S. Senate passed legislation Thursday that that would create a mandatory national system for disclosing genetically modified ingredients in food products. The bill passed by a vote of 63-30. Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) has been a vocal advocate for a strong labeling system in Alaska. She is concerned the federal legislation would limit the ability for individual states to implement stricter labeling requirements than the proposed national system.

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