NEWS: Representative Tarr Asks FDA to Consider Recent GM Salmon Study

Rep. Geran Tarr

Findings that GM salmon can breed with wild fish are alarming

Anchorage – Today Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) submitted a letter to the FDA asking them to take into consideration a recently published study from McGill University that shows that genetically modified salmon are capable of breeding with wild fish.

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NEWS: Real-Time Giveaway Counter Posted

Democratic Legislators Post Oil Wealth Giveaway Cost to Alaskans in Real Time

JUNEAU – Today, the House Democratic Caucus published a real-time counter on its website ( to show Alaskans up-to-the-minute losses from the governor’s oil wealth giveaway, SB21. While the Governor’s giveaway is extremely generous to corporations in London and Houston, the giveaway will adversely impact individual Alaskans.

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