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Rep. Ortiz’s February 28th Newsletter

When I took office in 2014, I had the opportunity to sit on the House Transportation Committee. Because of my current position on the House Finance Committee, I am no longer on the Transportation Committee, but transportation issues are still a top priority for me.

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Rep. Ortiz’s February 9th Newsletter

Funding for Alaska’s schools is one of the most important pieces of our state budget. Yet, each year, school funding gets caught in the cross fire of budget debates and ends up being one of the last measures passed by the Alaska Legislature.

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Rep. Ortiz’s February 3rd Newsletter: Friends and Neighbors

We are nearing Day 20 of the Legislative Session, and our discussion has revolved around our fiscal situation and the FY2019 budget. We have begun to tackle the Governor’s Proposed Budget, which I’ve outlined below. This newsletter is not acting as a comment of support or opposition of the proposal, but instead a general relaying of information.

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Rep. Ortiz’s January 25th newsletter: Another legislative session has begun!

Another legislative session has begun! Last Tuesday, we gaveled in and had our first floor session of the year. We dove head first into our Finance Committee meetings with presentations from Office of Management and Budget Director Pat Pitney, Department of Revenue official, the CEO of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, and Legislative Finance.

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