Dan Ortiz

District 1


Governor’s Veto of SB 140

On Thursday, March 14, Governor Dunleavy decided to veto SB 140, which proposed the largest increase to the Base Student Allocation (BSA) since its inception. This legislation aimed to boost the BSA by $680, a critical measure to….

Legislative Update

It has been a very busy start to the 33rd Legislative session! I am pleased to be back at the Capitol building in Juneau and am dedicated to keeping in touch with District 1 constituents. As we move forward through…

I want to hear from you!

The Alaska House of Representatives has multiple Public Testimony opportunities this week, and I’d love to hear from you!

Public Testimony Opportunity: Education Funding

Legislative Session is back in the swing of things, and I am now in Juneau working for you. So far, I have sponsored three bills – which I go into detail below – and cosponsored an additional four.

Spending Increased State Revenue

Last Friday, I was saddened to hear of the passing of our Congressional Representative Don Young. He served our state memorably for 49 years. Congressman Young’s record of service and advocacy on behalf of all Alaskans in unparalleled. His presence in the U.S. House of Representatives, and here in Alaska, will be greatly missed.

Legislative Update

The Board of Fisheries met last week to discuss the location of their postponed meeting, ultimately deciding to keep the Southeast and Yakutat Finfish and Shellfish meeting in Anchorage in March.

Back to Juneau!

Yesterday, the Alaska Legislature gaveled into session. I am now in Juneau at the Capitol building, and although I’m a little further away, I still need to hear from District 36 residents!

Hitting the Ground Running

The Alaska State House of Representatives has elected a Speaker of the House and organized committee assignments. I will have the opportunity to serve as a member of the House Majority Coalition on the Fisheries Committee…

Legislative Session has Begun

Last week, the 32nd Legislature was sworn in. I am now in Juneau at the Capitol building, and although I’m a little further away.