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House passes bill to help bring Alaskans affordable, high-speed internet

JUNEAU – Alaskans across the state took a major step towards having affordable, high-speed internet in their homes. House Bill 363, introduced by Representative Bryce Edgmon, lays the groundwork to make Alaska eligible for the unprecedented level of federal funds available for broadband investment, while establishing a fund to create parity in internet costs between rural and urban Alaska.

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Legislators Affirm their Support for Alaska Ocean Cluster

JUNEAU – Alaska Ocean Cluster, and their mission to actively promote Alaska’s blue economy, was recognized by the House of Representatives in Speaker Stutes’ HCR 2. The House Concurrent Resolution, which stated the body’s official support for Alaska Ocean Cluster’s “mission, efforts and vision for a vibrant coastal economy in the state,” passed with a vote for 31-3.

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Legislators Urge Support for Board of Fish Reconsideration

JUNEAU – The Alaska Board of Fisheries announced Monday that it will meet this Thursday, January 27, to reconsider the location for its Southeast and Yakutat Finfish and Shellfish meeting. Southeast legislators are urging the public to take part in the limited public testimony which concludes on Wednesday.

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