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Rep. Johnathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: Comedy & Tragedy

Some stuff in the legislature you just can’t make up. If you haven’t already read about it, I won’t recount what happened, because the professionals – Anchorage Daily News’s Rich Mauer and Alaska Public Radio’s Alexandra Gutierrez – have already done an excellent job.

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Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: Little Victories

Bycatch be Bygone

I love halibut. You love halibut. We all love halibut — including sport, charter, commercial, and subsistence users, who all sometimes quarrel over who gets to catch how much halibut. Sometimes voices are raised and sharp words exchanged, but it’s because we all love halibut.

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Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: Tricks and Treats

Bush Caucus is Back

I’ve joined the Bush Caucus. The Bush Caucus has evolved into more of a coastal caucus in recent years, and includes lawmakers from urban communities such as Juneau. But the spirit is the same: advocate the needs of rural and coastal Alaska. Goodness knows it’s a voice that needs to be heard.

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Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: From Juneau with Love

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For the last few weeks, Juneau has had the feel of a college town. I was not surprised to discover that many veterans of the legislature wryly refer to the months between January and May as the legislative “semester.”

I can appreciate the parallels with college. The uptempo pace of the Capitol is fueled by caffeine, gossip, and constant cramming – for the next hearing, press conference, or floor session. The Capitol is exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure.

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