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Survey results are in! Your answers have only strengthened my opposition to Dunleavy’s budget vetoes

Yesterday I joined my colleagues in the Alaska Legislature as we met in joint session to vote 37-1 to override the Governor’s $444 million in line item vetoes to the state budget. It is estimated by the Institute of Social and Economic Research that these vetoes will cost Alaska 4,200 jobs as well as threaten to derail Alaska’s precarious economic recovery.

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Special Newsletter on Crime

I want to first thank you for all your input this session and ask for a bit more! We have an end of session survey that can be filled out electronically and if you live in the district a paper copy will shortly arrive at your door. If you would like to fill the survey out online you can do so here: 2019 District 18 Constituent Survey.

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This Sunday: Stand up for our future!

It is very important to me that your voice is heard loud and clear in the critical budget discussions our state is having while Governor Dunleavy senselessly tries to tear down everything we have worked to build since statehood, while multinational corporations reap enormous profits from our state-owned oil, and while out-of-state workers benefit from our infrastructure without giving anything back in return.

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