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House Passes Operating Budget

I am also glad to say that many of the amendments I introduced earlier in the budget process were able to stay in. These amendments addressed recruitment and retention issues across different departments and added additional funding for various services in the Department of Health and Services.

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Inside Eastside: Committee News and Bill Update

We are now in the second half of the 2022 legislative session—I would like to update you all on what my office has been up to. I have been hearing from six different departments on a wide variety of topics during the budgetary subcommittee process, have introduced a few more bills, and have been meeting with many members of our community.

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Legislative Session, Round 2

Last Tuesday marked the start of the second regular session. I’m excited to be back in Juneau and working to Represent our districts diverse interests. I’m also already missing our Eastside community and look forward to scheduling some mid-session in-person neighborhood meetings with you soon.

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Regular session wrap-up

Here’s what we’ve been up to, and what’s coming up next: Our office got a bill out of the House unanimously, the House passed the State budget, and we are coming up on day 120 of session.

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A lot of bills, Y’all

As I am writing this newsletter, House Finance is introducing their version of the budget. They will take up amendments early next week.

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Inside Eastside Bills and Budgets

Since our last newsletter, budget subcommittees have wrapped up. The next step is for the house finance committee to review the state budget and pass it out of committee for full review.

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Inside Eastside Organization Update

I wanted to make sure the news reached you—after weeks of negotiating, the House has finally organized. Our House Majority is a non-partisan coalition made of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are committed to putting Alaska before politics.
I am proud to be a part of it.

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