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30 Days of Session 📆

The 30th Day of this year’s session was Wednesday, February 16th. So far, I’ve had 27 budget subcommittee meetings on budgets for the Departments of Public Safety, Military and Veterans’ Affairs, Natural Resources, and the University of Alaska.

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New Fiscal Year, New Budget

The conference committee closed out on Sunday, June 13th; day 25 of the special session. On the sixth day of the second special session, the House passed the effective date clause for the budget, allowing it to take effect tomorrow, July 1st

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Budget in the House ?

The House passed its version of the budget over to the Senate on May 10th (legislative day 112). HB 69 passed by a vote of 23 – 16 and proposes to spend $4.2 billion dollars in unrestricted general funds (UGF).

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