31st Alaska State Legislature

In my role on the House Finance Committee,

I worked to make sure every dollar the State of Alaska spends is for a good reason. I supported thoughtful budget cuts and opposed ones that would harm seniors, make our communities more dangerous, and threaten the private sector.

• When there was a proposal to slash Wildwood Correctional Center and ship prisoners out of state, I used my position to help stop that from happening.

• Alaskans who built this state into what it is today deserve to live with dignity. Some politicians attempted to shift the burden of our budget problems onto the backs of seniors by eliminating the Senior Longevity Program. I stopped that from happening.

• Students today will only be successful as adults if we invest in their education. I opposed cuts that would have closed schools and dramatically increased the number of students in a classroom.

The Alaska LNG Project

is one of the most promising and important economic opportunities for our state overall and especially for the Kenai. In my position as the House liaison to the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, I’m closely monitoring this project to make sure our interests are represented.

Countless Kenai residents have been hurt physically and economically by the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve been working tirelessly to make sure relief funds get into the hands of individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits who are hurting through no fault of their own.

• I supported Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s plan to direct $1.25 billion in federal CARES Act funding to stimulate our state economy and support those impacted by the pandemic.

• To make sure the federal relief funds help as many peninsula residents as possible, I also worked directly with small businesses and nonprofits to support expanded eligibility for the AK CARES Grant program to include nonprofits.

The rushed effort to centralize Alaska’s 911 response efforts would have put lives at risk by slowing response times between agencies, and there were so many inefficiencies the proposed reform wouldn’t even save money in the long run.

I spoke out against the overhaul, and now I’m serving on the 911 Dispatch Consolidation Working Group to find a better path forward.

I worked on several pieces of legislation
that advance the interests of our district:

HB 203, a bill that I sponsored which increases the ability of companies to sell crab in a larger and more consistent volume that brings economic opportunity to Alaskan crabbing in the global marketplace. This bill is now law.

HB 174, a proposal I introduced to help prevent another generation of Alaskans from getting addicted to tobacco by raising the smoking age to 21. This bill will be re-introduced next year as it stalled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HB 301, a pro-industry bill that I co-sponsored to protect Alaska’s apprenticeship standards for electrical, plumbing, and pipefitting occupations.

SB 80, a proposal that I co-sponsored to make sure ballot initiative language that appears before voters at the ballot box is the same language circulated during the signature-gathering phase so that people understand what they’re signing their name to.

During incredibly tight budget times, I successfully fought to bring capital budget dollars into the City of Kenai.

Rep. Gary Knopp
Party: Republican

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